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Housing Affordability & Attainability

"We must increase our housing supply at all levels to provide for low-income and entry-level housing."

When there are not enough homes on the market, people pay more. It’s become abundantly clear that it’s time for us to innovate on land-use policies, accelerate permit timelines, and alleviate all hidden fees. A combination of all three will allow us to have a greater housing supply at all levels.  We especially need affordable and attainable entry-level housing.  

What’s Been Done:

  • Adopted and Updated Accessory Dwelling Unit Code to make it easier to permit an ADU
  • Implemented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track permit processing timelines
  • Close “walk-in” counter on Wednesdays to allow quicker turnaround for building permits
  • Hosted 4 “Housing Forum Series” that brought together over 40 stakeholders
  • Realigned “Supporting Investment in Economic Development” funding to allow for workforce housing projects
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