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To the editor — It has been my pleasure to know, and work with, Kyle Curtis both personally and professionally in recent years, and I have been impressed by his commitment to serving our local community.

He has an excellent grasp of the complexities of public and private finances, does his homework before coming to a meeting, is willing to always learn all sides of an issue before deciding on a course of action, and has an unusually even temperament that serves him well in contentious discussions.

He has demonstrated leadership and/or service on the Yakima County Development Association, the Yakima County Planning Commission, the Heritage University Business Advisory Committee, Yakima Downtown Rotary and other organizations. He has no agenda in running for a seat on the Yakima County Board of Commissioners other than a desire to do what is best for all county residents.

Please give Kyle Curtis your vote and support; he is truly a terrific individual I would be proud to call “my” county commissioner.


Kyle Curtis is currently running for Yakima County Commissioner for District 2. This is a great conversation with him as he shares some of his travel experiences that have helped him become a better leader. If you want to learn about Kyle and his campaign you can check out his website –

To the editor — The original responsibility of the Yakima County commissioners was to build roads. Today though, the list has grown tremendously.

I serve on some 18 committees, representing ALL citizens of the county. It the duty of commissioners to promote what is best for everyone, not their own agendas.

Kyle Curtis, with his business background, the knowledge and experience of Yakima County and the state, will serve us ALL very well.

His involvement locally and beyond gives him the basis of the inner working of our communities and neighborhoods. And it will give him an edge in the years to follow as commissioners process the federal funds that will be targeted to improve our county in the future. I am proud to endorse Kyle, as I know he will continue to build upon the work of representing you, the residents of District 2, and the entire county.

Yakima County Commission

To the editor — I first met Kyle Curtis when he was in high school, and even at that age he impressed me.

Since then Kyle has graduated from the U of W and has several years of work experience as a financial analyst. He is a hard worker and knowledgeable in finances and budgets as he is currently the vice president and CFO of his family’s businesses.

Kyle has integrated himself back into the community since his return several years ago. He is the chair of the Heritage College Business Advisory committee; on the executive board of the Yakima County Development Association; vice chair of the Yakima County Planning Commission; and a member of Yakima Downtown Rotary.

He possesses common sense and is able to work well with others. Kyle Curtis is by far the best choice for Yakima County Commissioner Position 2 and please join me in voting for his election.


To the editor — I am writing this letter in support of Kyle Curtis for Yakima County commissioner, District 2.

One of the main reasons I am endorsing him is that I find him to be a unifier. Right now, it seems as though our nation is being torn asunder by all the divisiveness, and that is not what our county needs to move forward. Kyle doesn’t represent the extreme views of either side and that is precisely why he stands out.

I have known Kyle for many years now and one of his most outstanding qualities is his evenhandedness when it comes to making decisions. He is thorough, knowledgeable and does extensive homework on any subject before reaching a decision. And, for those reasons and many more, I can see him helping to steer Yakima County in the right direction.

So please join me in voting for Kyle Curtis for county commissioner, District 2.


Kyle Curtis has announced his intent to run for Yakima County Commissioner in District 2.

Curtis, chief financial officer for Ramsey Companies Inc. in White Swan, is looking to fill the seat held by Commissioner Ron Anderson. Anderson announced in January that he would be retiring at the end of the year and is not running for reelection.

All three commission seats are up for election in 2022 because of a lawsuit. Immigrant rights advocate group OneAmerica filed the suit, alleging the county’s voting system disenfranchises Latino residents. The county settled with the group last year and redrew the commissioner districts. District 2 includes parts of Yakima proper, Terrace Heights and Union Gap.

Curtis, a Republican, said in a news release that he hopes to address issues of public safety, homelessness, mental health and housing in Yakima County.

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YAKIMA – On Thursday, March 31 Yakima Rotarian and local business leader Kyle Curtis announced his candidacy for Yakima County Commissioner District 2 with a focus on bringing common-sense solutions to Yakima County. He looks to keep our community safe, make homelessness temporary, and increase our housing supply with an emphasis on attainable housing. 

“Five years ago, I returned home from the University of Washington to help run my family’s businesses as CFO.  A move I have not once regretted. Yakima is a beautiful place with amazing people. Yakima is my home.”  Curtis said. 

Curtis continued, “I’m looking to serve Yakima County and bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to address the issues facing us today.  We all see that crime is on the rise in our communities.  We need to ensure our Sheriff’s office has the tools and manpower to address out-of-control violent crime and property crimes. We need to find sustainable solutions to end the homelessness crisis by addressing substance abuse and mental health which, for many, is the root cause of chronic homelessness. We must also increase our housing supply at all levels to provide for low-income and entry-level housing.”  

State Representative Chris Corry offered a strong endorsement of Curtis’ campaign saying, “Kyle’s commitment to serving our community demonstrates his passion and love for Yakima. I have no doubt his private sector executive leadership will help ensure fiscal responsibility for Yakima County.” 

Over the past few years, Curtis has served on various boards and committees. For Yakima County, he has served on the Homelessness Coalition, Planning Commission, and the Yakima County Development Association. This service has exposed him to the important issues at the heart of Yakima.  

Curtis places a personal emphasis on service above self, giving back to his community as a member of the Yakima Downtown Rotary, New Leaders of Yakima County, and serving as the Treasurer of Yakima Pride. 

Former Yakima City Councilmember Brad Hill backs Curtis and noted, “Kyle will make a fantastic County Commissioner. He is from this community, knows this community, and has a heart for this community. Kyle’s business and financial background and passion make him uniquely prepared to take on this role. I’m proud to endorse him!” 

Curtis concluded, “I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with my neighbors over the next seven months to show them my desire to give back to our community and solve problems. I look forward to giving back to my community that has given me so much.” 

Learn more about Kyle Curtis’ campaign at 

Kyle Curtis has a business degree from the University of Washington.

But the education he’s received working for Ramsey Companies Inc., his family’s business on the Yakama Reservation, has been just as valuable, if not more so.

“I thought I came prepared to do business and come to find out I had to learn the ropes all over again because of the cultural differences,” he said.

For example, it’s important not to cut off someone speaking, especially if it’s a tribal elder, he said.

“In Indian Country, it’s not about just profits and making money,” he said. “It’s about making relationships, family and culture. One of the values is trust. It takes a long time to build trust.”

Building that trust and honoring tribal culture has been crucial in helping Ramsey Companies grow its businesses, including convenience stores, restaurants, a timber company and a fuel and propane distribution operation.

Curtis’ grandfather, Kip Ramsey, started the White Swan-based company, but it wasn’t always a given that Curtis would work in the business, at least not right away.

When he graduated from Eisenhower High School in 2011, he headed to Seattle to study at the UW. He envisioned that he would remain in the Puget Sound area for some time after college.

After graduating in 2015, Curtis worked for Liberty Mutual’s corporate treasury division. He worked there for two years before finding out his grandmother was ill.

Curtis decided to return to the Yakima Valley to be closer to family, and took the opportunity to work in the family business sooner.

He was quickly able to apply the financial knowledge he had gained working in corporate finance. One of Curtis’ big projects as the company’s chief financial officer was centralizing the bookkeeping and finance system of all the different business entities.

He also centralized records of the 120 people employed by the business.

Another priority for Curtis was to gain respect from the company’s employees, including those who have had a long tenure with the company.

“To gain their respect, you have to get in the gutters, and you have to learn the work,” he said. “Folks trust that I’m looking out for the best interest of all of us.”

He credits the company’s employees for recent successes, including a massive expansion in its fuel and propane business. In the past few years, the operation has grown and now serves tribal customers in eight states.

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