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Letter to the Editor: Evenhanded Kyle Curtis would be a unifier

To the editor — I am writing this letter in support of Kyle Curtis for Yakima County commissioner, District 2.

One of the main reasons I am endorsing him is that I find him to be a unifier. Right now, it seems as though our nation is being torn asunder by all the divisiveness, and that is not what our county needs to move forward. Kyle doesn’t represent the extreme views of either side and that is precisely why he stands out.

I have known Kyle for many years now and one of his most outstanding qualities is his evenhandedness when it comes to making decisions. He is thorough, knowledgeable and does extensive homework on any subject before reaching a decision. And, for those reasons and many more, I can see him helping to steer Yakima County in the right direction.

So please join me in voting for Kyle Curtis for county commissioner, District 2.